Saturday, December 12, 2009

International students travel to Vyborg

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I was going to write about an incident that happened a little less than a week ago when a police officer stopped me in the metro and accused me of using marijuana, but since the end of our trip is so near, I thought I'd leave it to tell people in person. It was strange though.

A few days ago we had the chance to visit the city of Vyborg that lies close to the Finnish-Russian border. The city was actually Finnish until it was ceded to the Soviet Union after World War II. The city, although home to over 80,000 residents, felt like a small town. During our visit we got to see a medieval castle, the ruins of catholic monasteries, and the view of the city from a tower in the castle. Here are a few pictures to show what the trip was like:

A Russian Orthodox Church. We got to go inside and hear some of the service.

A Statue of Lenin. There are random statues and faces of him almost everywhere.

I thought this was some funny graffiti, it reads "Give me Power Crash my weakness," an almost poetic quote that also features a perplexed cat looking on. I think graffiti here is generally of better quality than it is back home. (That cat is just so surprised)

A crane working at the dock. The waters and lands as far away as you can see might be Finnish territory.

Here is the old watch tower that's stood in the city from its beginnings.

The castle that was used by Swedish forces in the 18th century to defend against Russian forces. Tsar Peter the Great finally captured the fortress after a long war between Russia and Sweden.

Ruins of a Catholic monastery in the city.

A funny car sitting beside an abandoned wall. I think this is a really Russian photo.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ping-Pong Tournament held by SPbCU Students

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Last Saturday, on December 5th, 2009, SPbCU students held a Ping-Pong tournament in the gym. The tournament was organized by student community. Its initiation and inspiration came from Kevin, from Briercrest College, Canada, the president of the International Programs students. Seven people participated and competed. There were students from the bachelors, masters, and international programs. With an intense and interesting game, the winner was a freshman student of the Bachelors of Theology program, Lena, who, in the final game, beat the organizer himself, Kevin, twice.