Monday, January 18, 2010

A Visit to the Horrors of Petersburg Attraction

Right before the departure, within the Raskolnikov tour our students dared to visit the Horrors of Petersburg Attraction - the most frightful place in the city, where famous urban legends are represented with the use of modern technologies and contradictory literary heroes still dwell, played by actors.

Moscow Trip, Nov.13-14, 2009

On November 13-14, 2009, the International Program Students traveled to Moscow, having visited the Red Square - the heart of Russia - and the Kremlin. Justin (on the picture) who admires  Carl Marx' economical ideas, was glad to see Lenin - the person who tried to bring those ideas into practice in Russia and whose body is being still kept in the Mausoleum behind.  

Monday, January 4, 2010

International student writes about her experience at SPbCU

Please read a report titled "Of cathedrals, canals, and constructivism" authored by Johannah Bird, a Briercrest College and Seminary student. See -

In her report Johannah writes - "Living in a land with a different Christian heritage has presented a unique opportunity to learn more about the Russian church and the issues it faces.
We live in dorm with the Russian students at the university, and most of us have Russian roommates. We're expected to immerse ourselves in student life, so we attend chapels, eat in the cafeteria, clean the dorm, and participate in events and activities (even when they demand a Canadian rendition of Russian traditional dance). I am continually amazed by the hospitality we receive from staff, faculty, and students alike. Our friends have shown us generosity from the first days of our arrival. This generosity extends to graciousness as we all learn to understand one another and find ways to communicate. Having said this, we have all had to make some adjustments to life in a new city and country. Communication has been a big learning curve, but we have been reveling in the opportunities to learn new words and help other students learn English."