Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pepperdine Students at SPbCU in May 2011

In May 2011, the group of 10 students from Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA) visited SpbCU within the International Program.

The students studied Russian as a Foreign Language and Dostoevsky's “Brothers Karamazov.” The group also visited Moscow, Novgorod, Staraya Russa, and the suburbs of Petersburg, including Peterhof, and Vyborg.

The course on the Karamazovs was taught by Professor Paul Contino — a Dostoevsky scholar. The students were also accompanied by Professor Sharyl Corrado who is known in Russian Christian community as the author of the book "The Philosophy of Ministry of Col. Vasiliy Pashkov". Sharyl spent much time in Russia, gathering the material on Slavic Evangelical movement in XIX-XX.

For Paul, teaching Dostoevsky’s final, great novel -- with its profound Christian vision -- was a wonderful opportunity. He especially valued travelling with his students to visit Dostoevsky’s homes in St. Petersburg and Staraya Russa, and reading the novel’s final chapter, “The Speech at the Stone,” at Dostoevsky’s grave in Alexander Nevsky Cemetery. For Sharyl, Russia studies is an opportunity to explore how we understand the world and one another, how the Americans see Russia, who Russian believers were and are, and their traditions, practices, and identities.

See also http://spbcu.ru/en/pr/posts/810 and http://seaver.pepperdine.edu/internationalprograms/programs/russia/about.htm

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